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There's a significant gap between the top 3 and bottom 3 players of the starting 6 in this matchup. TPT has more players in the top 3 than BST does. Odds are TPT wins.

TPT 3-2

Either way I have an LF member winning, go both teams! ^_^

I think SXP's homefield is actually going to work to their disadvantage in this matchup. Map16 is a classic that everyone has experience on, and I think BST will excel more than people might think on that map with their extremely fluid teamwork ability. SXP has a better chance of winning on BST's homefield IMO, and will need to lock down a win early on in order to keep up with BST's stamina. I can easily see SXP winning a round and maybe even bringing one to a tie, but in the end I think BST's chemistry that earned them first seed will propel them to the Championship in a thrilling 5-round match.

BST 3-1-1

Game of the week is definitely going to TPT vs SUC, this game will be intense. Both teams have solid rosters, with SUC being armed with the strongest duo in the league, and I'm curious to see how Ralph and Jwar adapt to Tai's powerful troupe. This match is definitely going to be maximizing on homefield advantages, as SUC chose the same homefield from last season where they were defeated by eventual champions TKV despite starting the match 2-0. Ironically enough, Tai chose the same homefield as TKV did last season as well, so this will be a chance for Ralph to redeem his semi-final loss last season on the same two maps. That being said, it will be a tough challenge for SUC to take down TPT on Map08. TPT absolutely tore GPS to shreds on Map08 in the quarter-finals last week, so I expect to see them having a huge advantage on their homefield. SUC does have the weak link in Souler, but he's still a capable enough player that Ralph/Jwar won't have to worry about making too many mistakes. TPT's major challenge will be securing wins on SUC's homefield, if they can sneak away with a win in the first two rounds, I expect to see a victory for TPT as I don't see them losing on Map08. In the end, I see SUC winning the first round, TPT bouncing back with a victory round two, then handily defeating SUC on Map08 in back-to-back round wins, securing their ticket to the Championship to face BST.

TPT 3-1

Ah, week 5. The week of intense playoff-determining games. The fight for the lower seeds should be interesting, the possible seeding scenarios are rather interesting this season.

PEE showed signs of life in week 2 with their surprise win over SXP, but have completely fumbled that potential momentum with 5 winless rounds since then. If Razor wants to salvage his season, he's going to have to practice his ass off with Tursk/Dranz if they want to make it to playoffs. If PEE loses here, they will be eliminated and their season over. SUC, meanwhile, is looking rather collected with an undefeated season so far. The Ralph/Jwar vortex has been incredibly strong this season, could this finally be Ralph's first WDL championship? I feel like this map heavily favors teams with strong chemistry, and SUC has plenty of it. I see SUC coming into this game with much more cohesion and communication than PEE will have, and while it's certainly possible PEE could pull an upset and win a round, I don't think they will have the stamina to keep up with SUC in the long run. SUC defeats PEE in 3 rounds, ending PEE's playoff run and securing SUC a first-round bye.

SUC 2-0-1

Game of the week is going to have to go to TPT vs SXP. The two teams are completely tied in points and record, each securing only one win so far despite having strong lineups. While it might be hard to believe, both teams aren't guaranteed playoffs yet. If this game is a 2-0 match and BSK or PEE earns 4 points, the loser will be eliminated. SXP would also face elimination with a 0-2 loss and a PEE victory of any kind. Both teams have a rock-solid defense, so how the teams coordinate their offense is going to be the key factor in this game. I think it would be wise for Tai to play Dastan this time around, as they will have a tough time scoring without him. Tai is a very strong D [insert "Tai left D" meme], and I suspect Dastan and Caution will be executing some high-level offensive plays. I'm curious to see how well Rude will able to get past TPT's defense with the strong support of Bones and Tony. I expect a grindy game here, but in the end I think Dastan will hero his way to TPT's second victory, clinching a playoff seed and leaving SXP's playoffs fate to the results of the SUC/PEE match.

TPT 2-1

GPS was forced to play without Denzoa yet again last week against SXP, but Stab and Dev managed to press on with their 4th and earn an impressive from-behind last-minute tie, keeping them in high-seed territory. Both teams have already clinched playoffs at high seeds, and this game will be a fight for a first-round bye. This will be a tough game for GPS, as this looks like a map BST will excel on. I see BST coming into this game with more offensive force, whereas GPS will come in with their heavy fraggy defensive game. BST can frag just as easily as GPS however, which means GPS will have to get some serious practice in to coordinate their offensive front if they want to beat BST here. I can easily see GPS turtling down on defense and keeping a round to a low-scoring tie, but in the end I think RosKing's heavy practice and teamwork will net them the win this week, securing BST a first-round bye while GPS awaits their seed placement from the TPT/SXP/QMP games.

BST 2-0-1

QMP suffered a brutal 0-2 loss last week to BST without their star player, and as a result left them in a desperate fight for playoff points. As with TPT and SXP, QMP still faces possible elimination thanks to being only 3 points ahead of the bottom seeds. If BSK wins in any fashion here, QMP will be eliminated from playoffs while BSK could possibly clinch depending on the results of the SUC/PEE and TPT/SXP games. That being said, it's unlikely we will see that happen. BSK did earn an unexpected 2-0 win last week, but over the other troubled team in the league. Assuming Dragon plays this time, it is going to be an extremely difficult game for BSK. Sparil has incredible fragging power, and Dragon is one of the best players in the league. Backed with a solid 3rd in im1hpu0, QMP is going to be coming into this game rock-solid, starving for that playoff-clinching second W. BSK does have Zakken on defense, which could stave off QMP for a little while, but I just don't see Dosu and Hero possessing the offensive strength to get past QMP's frag-heavy defense. QMP defeats BSK in two rounds, clinching a playoff spot and ending BSK's season.

QMP 2-0

What an explosive week, all four matches should be solid games.

PEE played surprisingly well last week without their captain, and held QMP to a narrow loss. If Razor shows up this time, PEE will hopefully have some rebound energy and looking to collect a second W. Meanwhile BSK is in a very tight spot playoff-wise, if they lose 0-2 again this week they will be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. If they tie or even take a point, they will still remain in playoff contention but on unlikely tiebreaking scenarios in which they would probably lose. In other words, they *desperately* need a win this week to stay alive. Zakken is a very powerful D on this map, and SkullRush is a solid runner here, so if can orchestrate some solid mid chemistry with Dosu/Hero, they might have a chance. PEE is a bit stronger on paper, as their main Razor/Turska/Dranz lineup is certainly a playoff-worthy team. I think PEE's stronger fraggers and mid coordination will eventually overwhelm BSK in two rounds, ending BSK's playoff run.

PEE 2-0

Game of the week is probably gonna go to SUC vs TPT. Both teams have incredible starting duos, backed by solid 3rds. TPT is hot off their 2-0 win against a then-undefeated GPS, and I am quite sure this is a map that they're going to excel on. Jake is the god of mid, and he will be the key player in this matchup. I don't see Souler being placed on O or D, which means Ralph and Jwar will have to be careful to communicate and organize some team plays with Souler in mid. In the end, I think TPT will net the win after a first-round tie.

TPT 2-0-1

SXP rose from the dead with their impressive win over BST last week, reminding everyone that they're a playoff-worthy team and I'm curious to see how they play fresh off a win. GPS on the other hand, suffered a brutal 0-2 loss to TPT last week after a strong 8-point start to their season and will most likely be getting a lot of practice in to bounce back into the top seeds. I see GPS possessing more team chemistry on this map, I think Stab and Denz will shut things down, and help give GPS their third win and into high-seed territory.

GPS 2-0

BST was looking red hot for a while there, until their momentum was stopped by a brick wall laid down by SXP last week. Knowing Rosking, BST will be in heavy-duty practice mode during the week to help make sure they don't get burned again. They're going to need it too, because QMP is going to give them one hell of a challenge. QMP's sheer fragpower, aided by expert plays from Dragon, are going to make them very hard to beat on this map. BST can do it, if they practice enough they will certainly generate enough team energy to beat QMP. But will they generate enough? I think QMP will frag their way to victory this week, edging out BST in three grindy rounds.

QMP 2-1

WDL Winter 2018 / Re: WEEK 3 - MAP12 THIRTY4-16 [FEB 26 - MAR 4] Discussion
« on: February 27, 2018, 01:38:44 PM »
I really want to see PEE win again and bring their ratio into the positive, but doing that will be a big challenge. QMP is coming in off consecutive ties, and desperately want that first W. The Dragon/Sparil duo is going to be extremely effective on this map, but after what we've seen from PEE last week against SXP, it's very possible PEE could pull off yet another upset performance. In the end though, I think Dragon/Sparil will shut things down just enough for im1 to get the winning caps in.

QMP 2-1

SXP is rather solid on paper, but has had a tough start to the season so far with consecutive Ls. Unfortunately for them, they're facing one of the toughest teams they could play on this map. BST is extremely adaptable and seem to have a good grip on any map they play. BST will likely start off slow, in order to see how SXP is going to attack, then adapt quickly hitting SXP hard where it hurts. SXP will probably put up a solid initial fight, but will eventually become overwhelmed by BST in two rounds.

BST 2-0

GPS has had a great start to their season, which was sparked by their pre-season acquisition of Denzoa. GPS is all about team chemistry, and they have it. But their first two battles were against weaker teams, this week they're finally in for a real challenge in TPT. Meanwhile TPT, despite having extremely strong players, have yet to secure a win. They play well though, Jake and Tai can do some amazing things, and this week they're probably hungry for that first W. TPT's trade acquisition of Starrk in exchange for SkullRush is an interesting spin, I'm curious to see what Tai does with him. This is a hard game to predict especially with Tai's roster change. Teams should be pretty even in strength, ties are likely here which is what it will ultimately be.

TPT 1-1-1 GPS

SUC has one of the strongest duos in the league, and I'm curious how they've been adapting with Souler. They started off the season with a narrow win against SXP, and a tie after QMP performed somewhat of a comeback. That being said, I'm sure Ralph is coordinating a lot of practice when he can, as while they're 3rd seed right now that could easily change this week. Luckily for them, they're facing the most troubled team in the league. BSK has had a rough season coming into week 3, all beginning with the questionable pre-season decision to trade Denzoa away for Starrk. They've endured two 0-2 L's so far, and don't show any signs of improving that record. With the trade of Starrk for SkullRush, BSK is going to have to really practice and generate some team energy. Zakken is a very solid D, and SkullRush can be a really good runner when he wants to be. Dosu has been improving a lot lately, so if Skr and Dosu can generate a solid O/mid chemistry while Zakken holds down D, they could make something work. In the end though, I think the wall that is Ralph and Jwar will prove impossible for BSK to get past, meanwhile Zakken will eventually leak a few flags to give SUC the W.

SUC 2-0

WDL Winter 2018 / Re: WEEK 2 - MAP01 CORE36 [FEB 19 - FEB 25] Discussion
« on: February 19, 2018, 09:26:19 AM »
BST 2-1 TPT in a thrilling 30-minute game of the week


SXP 2-0 PEE if Dranzer is absent again
SXP 1-1-1 PEE if Dranzer plays

SUC 1-0-2 QMP

WDL Winter 2018 / Re: WEEK 1 - MAP24 RAGECTF20 [FEB 12 - FEB 18] Discussion
« on: February 15, 2018, 10:23:24 AM »
TPT 2-0-1 QMP

SXP 1-1-1 SUC



WDL Stats/Rule Changes / Re: IDL Information Station
« on: February 14, 2018, 08:53:12 AM »

Just noticed a small typo in the listings. Winter 2011 Season 9:

Week 12 - MasterBowl IX @ MAP26 (ZDCTF26) - Status: Idle
Super Chargers   [SUC]         W    -    L       [SPE]   Spread Eagles   

That game was between SUC and BSK (in which BSK won), not SUC and SPE.

WDL Stats/Rule Changes / Re: IDL Information Station
« on: January 24, 2018, 07:49:48 AM »
Wow. This must have taken some serious research, time and patience to collect and assemble all of this together. I've done some digging around myself before, and I know first-hand that information from the IDL like this is scattered to say the least. Good work Zakken.

Is there any information on the ports used for each season? Obviously the vast majority of IDL seasons were played on ZDaemon, but IIRC at least one was played on Skulltag? And were any IDL seasons played on Odamex, or has Oda only ever hosted WDL?

WDL Fall 2017 / Re: Fall 2017 Exit Interviews
« on: November 28, 2017, 11:53:01 AM »
All in all, it's been a very solid and entertaining season so far. The WDL seems to be getting better and better with each passing season.

I'd like bring up something I mentioned in the previous seasons' exit interviews regarding the regular season point system. I still think it'd be a cool idea to consider the idea of implementing a 6-point system to replace the current 4-point system. I liked the model that Zakken had originally mocked up;

Code: [Select]
2-round win: 6 points
3-round win, enemy ties one of the rounds: 5 points
3-round win, enemy ties two of the rounds or wins one: 4 points
Tie: 3 points
3-round loss, enemy ties two of the rounds or loses one: 2 points
3-round loss, enemy ties one of the rounds: 1 point
2-round loss: 0 points

It would be a good way to more precisely show teams' performances in their games, and it would also more fairly distribute the appropriate amount of points in accordance with how a team performed on a given week. As I mentioned before, it's a bit unfair and also misleading that a team who wins 2-1-0 in a given week earns the same amount of points/standing as a team who wins 2-0-1, or conversely a team who loses 0-2-1 earning the same standings as a team who loses 1-2-0. Another added benefit it would add is that it would also reduce the amount of ties and needs for tiebreakers.

WDL Fall 2017 / Re: WEEK 5 - MAP23 RAGECTF10 [NOV 20 - NOV 26] Discussion
« on: November 20, 2017, 10:47:25 AM »
Ahh, week 5. Where the matches are massively hyped up and intense thanks to the approaching playoffs.


TKV is red-hot. Jake has a knack for putting together teams that he can mesh very well with and create chemistry out of thin air with, probably because he's the WDL god of mid. I'm curious to see if Infer or Godlike will be getting the nod for the runner spot as they've both displayed impressive performances in their victories against top teams SUC and BST. DEM on the other hand, is looking a bit dizzy after having their asses handed to them by SUC in a quick two-rounder last week. They have the talent, I think they just need a bit more coordination and practice before they head into any more games. DEM has already clinched playoffs, but this week will be an early playoff game for them as TKV is going to make it extremely difficult.

TKV takes it in 2.


SXP is in a very bad position. Despite picking up Dranzer, they were still unable to secure a win and a spot ahead of TPT last week. SXP currently sits at last seed, thanks to losing the tiebreaker with TPT meaning if they don't win or tie any rounds against SUC this week, they're eliminated. Even if they do somehow manage to beat SUC, there is still a high chance that SXP will be eliminated depending on the results from the TPT/HYP game. Unknown played surprisingly well last week in the last round of their game against TPT recording a nearly 200% K/D and highest frags of the round. It's not a far stretch to predict that SXP would've won the entire match had they played him instead of OurHero from the start. As a result, I think Unknown will get the nod to start this week with Bones and Dranzer, and could make for a very good game. However, as I predicted last week, the powerhouse duo that is Ralph and Jwar is just an unfair combination. Once again I think their combined experience and chemistry with each other is going to overwhelm SXP and send SXP home with a winless season while SUC clinches a first-round bye.

SUC in 2.


Avc finally had a bad game, who would've thought. Perhaps that hallway run will live down as one of the biggest flukes in WDL infamy? In any event, by losing that match, TKV actually caused BST to be knocked down to 2nd place behind SUC thanks to SUC's tiebreaker win. As unbelievable as it sounds, there is a scenario in which GPS could finish in 1st place if they 2-0 BST here, and SXP also 2-0's SUC. However, both of those events are extremely unlikely to happen as I think BST is going to be fueled by rage for losing last week and will be on their A-game. RosKing is simply too good, he will be impossible to get past while Cartel mows down mid and Avc speeds out of GPS' base. The good news for GPS though, is that they will likely still clinch first-round homefield advantage, assuming TKV takes out DEM.

BST in 2.

HYP vs TPT in "The Playoff Ticket"

All eyes on this game as the winner goes to the playoffs, while the loser heads to the benches (barring an extremely unlikely scenario with SXP beating SUC and then winning tiebreakers). TPT has *STILL* yet to record a single win despite Tai and DSparil being one of the most dangerous defensive combinations in the league. Razor had an absolutely abysmal game last week, which prompted Tai to play TMD (whom I thought had 0 competitive experience) to similar results. HYP is in a similar situation, two very good players with under-performing thirds. Dragon is a top player who can make magic happen, which is HYP's only real ace card. If Dev can step up and firmly handle D while Dragon plays basically every position and helps Decay get out of TPT's base, they just might have a chance. However, I think TPT is finally ready. Finally ready to earn a win for the first time all season, and enter the playoffs as 6th seed with only a single win (the fact that can even happen is memes). Tai, DSparil and Razor is actually a good lineup when Razor isn't dealing with sickness and I see that lineup being more cohesive and solid than HYP's Dragon+2 lineup. TPT will most likely win it in 2 and head to the playoffs while HYP packs up and heads home.

TPT in 2.

WDL Fall 2017 / Re: WEEK 4 - MAP28 THIRTY16-25 [NOV 13 - NOV 19] Discussion
« on: November 15, 2017, 02:51:01 PM »

As predicted from the start of the season, HYP has been suffering from perhaps one of the worst cases of not having a useful 3rd we've seen and it's been more than evident. GPS, on the other hand, is looking as strong as ever with a solid lineup covering all positions well. GPS will most likely cut right through the gaping holes in HYP's lineup, and add yet another L to HYP's coffin.

GPS 2-0


This is a hard game to predict, not gonna lie. I think this is a map where Ralph will want a heavy Jwar manning D with SkullRush trying to clear mid. Rude is a heavy-hitter and will probably man D, with Turska running and Starrk clearing mid. It will be a very solid matchup that will go nearly the full 30 minutes, but in the end I'm predicting the combined experience of Ralph and Jwar give them the edge over DEM and pushes SUC to one win away from securing a first-round playoff bye.

SUC 2-1


I have no idea where to begin with this one after finding out that Tai had dropped Dranzer to the FA on waiver. Based upon the information that has been provided to me, it's very likely that SXP will be picking up Dranzer which is an absolute game changer for SXP, and gives them life putting them back into the playoff race. That being said, even with Dranzer on SXP, TPT still has the upper-hand. Razor has proven to be a very capable runner, which is something SXP is still lacking in any case. But with Dranzer they can still have a very good shot at making playoffs if they practice and find a good chemistry together. This is all assuming DSparil and Tai can manage to show up together, which is something that they seem to have difficulty doing. If one doesn't show, SXP mops the floor. If they both show, TPT will win thanks to a stronger offensive front.

TPT 2-1


Game of the week, easily. BST is looking very intense right now sitting atop the standings at 1st place with 12 unanswered points. However, as someone pointed out on IRC earlier, BST has also only played the bottom 3 teams in the league so far. That's not to say that is the only reason why they're in 1st place right now, they are still very much a strong team. This week will be their true test as a team, as they finally play another top team. Zakken and Caution make an insanely powerful defensive duo, and Infer is a capable runner. On other hand, RosKing and Avc are an even *better* duo, with a reliable support in Cartel. I think BST will come out ahead with another win, but I think it's going to require them putting in every ounce they have in order to earn that win as TKV will not make it easy. BST wins in three hard-fought rounds and finally has a point taken from them.

BST 2-0-1

WDL Fall 2017 / Re: WDL Player Tier List
« on: November 09, 2017, 08:32:10 AM »

WDL Fall 2017 / Re: WEEK 3 - MAP09 CORE27 [NOV 6 - NOV 12] Discussion
« on: November 06, 2017, 09:45:48 AM »

This is one map that HYP that would have a fairly good chance on - if they were playing any other team. Compulsive Simplicity is one of Dragon's best maps, he's extremely dangerous here and Dev has the firepower to effectively back him up to back him up which could potentially make for a good setup. However, they're facing a *very* tough team and will be fighting a 90-degree uphill battle. RosKing has displayed amazing performances in his first two weeks fragging exceptionally and efficiently, Avc has proven he's not lost his any of his running ability from last season, and Cartel is a very proficient mid on this map. I don't see HYP having any chance of staying alive in mid here and will be quickly overwhelmed as BST continues on its' path toward a first-round playoff bye.

BST 2-0


Quite possibly the game of the week, this should be a very solid matchup. We've got pairs of powerful players on each team, and I'm curious to see how the thirds perform here. SkullRush is very familiar with this map and in addition has already started for SUC the first two weeks which seems to have created a polished chemistry with Ralph and Jwar. Godlike got the nod for TKV's 3rd spot last week and played fairly well against SXP, but this is a situation where the more offensively-inclined Infer could possibly be more useful. I'm predicting a tight game with little gaps, and in the end I think SUC's chemistry will earn them their third straight win.

SUC 2-1


Rude went absolutely ham last week in his game against GPS recording some impressive stats, and has proven he can be an S-tier player. Turska is a very formidable and seasoned runner who can hold his own against most teams, and Starrk is a solid reliable mid player. SXP on the other hand, isn't looking nearly as strong. Bones is starting to feel the effects of the unfortunate pre-season Shogun incident, as his team has been left gasping for air without a high-tier first-pick player on their roster. I'm predicting this to be the second of two blowouts this week, as DEM cruises past SXP to put their w/l in the positive for the first time.

DEM 2-0


This game is huge for TPT's playoffs standings. Despite coming off the draft as one of the most powerful teams on paper, TPT has somehow been unable to rack up a single point in the first two weeks of the season. As a result, it's already extremely unlikely that TPT will be able to secure a first-round bye, but they still have a chance to earn a first-round homefield advantage - if they win this week. Not only is TPT hungry for their first win of the season, but also for very crucial playoff-determining points. As for GPS, I really, really want to see Denzoa and Tony play together for once. If Stab can get both of them together for this weeks game, it will be a great show. If Stab is forced to use Perrondon again, it won't be so pretty. In the end, though, I think TPT's hunger and anger will fuel them enough to finally earn them their first win of the season and finally get some points on the board.

TPT 2-1

WDL Fall 2017 / Re: WEEK 2 - MAP11 CORE29 [OCT 30 - NOV 05] Discussion
« on: October 30, 2017, 08:09:39 AM »

Infer had a rough week 1, but this will be a good warmup team for him to bounce back on and get him back up to speed for week 3. Caution did very well week 1 recording some impressive stats further solidifying his status as a god on mid, and Zakken remains as strong as ever on D. Meanwhile, Souler and OurHero are both decent players, but neither of them are 1st-pick level and are going to make this a difficult season for Bones. I don't see SXP having much of a chance here, this is a large open map that's difficult to D and mid on, areas in which TKV is much stronger in.

TKV 2-0


Will Rude be able to play his 1st-pick this week? Turska was absent last week, causing DEM to suffer their first loss in a crazy 3-game season opener, but if he's available they can still be a force to be reckoned with. Conversely, my boy DENNY<3 recorded some damn fine stats in his opening week, and Stab was looking very solid as usual with his Caution-like mid support. What I really want to see is GPS busting out Tony and truly ascending into a potential high-seed team. If Tony plays, and is mostly de-rusted, GPS will have a very very good season. I make my predictions on best-lineup scenarios for both teams, and with that being said I think this will be a tight game. DEM will probably have the slight offensive advantage with Turska, but GPS will have more firepower and support systems in place. The biggest factor in this game will be who DEM's third is and how they perform. Starrk and Halloween are both good players, but in the end I think the more polished Stab/Denzoa/Tony lineup will prove triumphant.

GPS 2-1


My Zan clanmate SkullRush pulled an upset and surprised the hell out of everyone with his impressive performance on D against one of the toughest teams last week. If he can generate more steam and keep that pace going, SUC will have a great season as the Ralph+Jwar duo needs little explanation. HYP on the other hand, despite somehow managing to come out bleeding with a win last week, isn't looking nearly as solid. Dev and Dragon are a good duo together, but HYP currently suffers from the 'no solid 3rd' syndrome at the moment. Wartorn and Decay *must* have some use if they were drafted onto to the team, but how much? Dragon is a very good and adaptive player who might be able to get a couple of caps in, but otherwise I see HYP being completely outclassed in this matchup.

SUC 2-0


Here we go, game of the week by far. Despite suffering a somewhat-surprising upset loss in week 1, TPT still remains a very powerful team. The Tai/Sparil duo is a fragging madhouse machine, and what Tai needs to do this week is play his actual runner this time instead of another fragger. Razor is another up-and-coming player who's proven to be an efficient runner and could potentially have a breakout season - if given the chance. Unfortunately for TPT though, the team they have to play to rebound from that opening loss is perhaps the strongest team in the league. This is just my opinion of course, but I consider RosKing to be the #1 best player overall in the league, and I also consider Avc to be by far the best runner in the league after an absolutely insane breakout season last year. That's just an unfair combination. BST isn't 100% bulletproof, though. Cartel and Dastan are both *very* good players over on Zandro where they originated, so the question remains on how well they will be able to transition that over to Odamex. Cartel had a decent performance last week, though it was against a team that required little effort. This week will be their true test, though I'm expecting Ros to play Cartel more as he's a low-pinging mid and doesn't need Dastan's running ability as much as he needs his fragging ability. We shall see. In either event, I predict the Avc/Ros duo proves unstoppable once again and BST continues on its' path to becoming the W2017 TKV.

BST 2-0

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