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Author Topic: WDL Special Event #01 - Spring 2018 FFA Tournament - April 28th, 2018  (Read 5532 times)


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World Doom League FFA Tournament Spring 2018
Players: 24+
Stages: 3 (Qualifying Round, Losers Bracket, FFA Megacup)
Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2018

The objective of the tournament is to make it to the FFA Megacup through a series of stages, which begin with the Qualifying Round. The top 8 players at the end of the Qualifying Round will advance to the Megacup, while the remaining 16 will battle in the Losers Bracket. Only the top 6 players will make it out of the Losers Bracket and into the Megacup, meaning 10 players get eliminated. In the Megacup, 14 players will battle in a 10-map, 4-round series, with each round eliminating players until the final 4 maps. The top 8 will then play 4 maps, and the player with the highest accumulated frags at the completion of the tournament will be crowned the winner.


The qualifying round will consist of 4 separate groups of 6-player FFA. Each group will play through 4 maps, at the end of which the 2 players with the most accumulated frags will advance and earn their spot in the Megacup. The remaining 4 in each group will get a second chance to make it to the Megacup through the Losers Bracket.

Should there be a tie at the end of a qualifying round, those players will face off in a 10 frag lightning round – with the winner advancing, and the loser heading to the Losers Bracket.

Map01: Dwango5 Map15
Map02: UDMX Map03
Map03: Lazarus Map05
Map04: Iddm18 Map06

Tiebreaker: Greenwar Map16


The Losers Bracket is different than the previous round, in that there are only two groups of players battling. Each group will consist of 8 players, who will play through 4 maps again. The 3 players from each group with the most frags accumulated after 4 maps will advance to the Megacup. In the event of a tie, the 10 frag lightning round comes into play once again.

Map01: 32in24-11 Map10
Map02: UDM3 Map10
Map03: Cudream Map11
Map04: FFI_Z Map10

Tiebreaker: Greenwar Map16


The FFA Megacup consists of the 8 players who won in the Qualifying Round, along with the 6 that advanced from the Losers Bracket. All 14 players will battle across 10 maps and 4 rounds, culminating in a final 8-player FFA to crown the winner. Each round consists of 2 maps, and at the conclusion of each round players will be eliminated. The round sequence is as follows:

Round 1 (maps 01 – 02): 3 players eliminated
Round 2 (maps 03 – 04): 2 players eliminated
Round 3 (maps 05 – 06): 1 player eliminated
Round 4 (maps 07 – 10): 8-Player FFA Megacup

Following the end of Round 4, the player with the most frags accumulated over all 10 maps will be crowned the champion. Should two or more players tie, a 10-frag lightning round will determine the overall winner.


Round 1:
Map01: Dwango 5 Map12
Map02: FFI_Z Map05

Round 2:
Map01: 32in24-11 Map18
Map02: UDMX Map20

Round 3:

Map01: Crudream Map03
Map02: Greenwar Map23

Map01: Lazarus Map08
Map02: UDM3 Map02
Map03: EonDM Map11
Map04: Onsl2 Map10

Tiebreaker: Greenwar Map16