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Author Topic: WDL Summer 2020 Free Agency List  (Read 981 times)


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WDL Summer 2020 Free Agency List
« on: June 11, 2020, 09:40:12 PM »
What follows is the free agency list for the WDL Summer 2020 season. With the exception of the confirmed captains, all following players who confirmed themselves to be in the league will be available for draft/free agency.

WDL Summer 2020 Captains

* Alpha (2nd season)
* Alt_Stab (9th season)
* DevastatioN (3rd season)
* HumanBones (7th season)
* Infer (1st season)
* Ralphis (10th season)
* RoSKing (4th season)
* Stall (1st season)
* Tai (3rd season)
* Zakken (5th season)

WDL Summer 2020 Nomination Order

1. Ralphis
2. Rosking
3. Stall
4. HumanBones
5. Tai
6. Zakken
7. Infer
8. Alpha
9. DevastatioN
10. Alt+Stab

The draft will be conducted live on WDL Radio on Friday, June 12th @ 8:00pm EST. Teams will bid on three players across three rounds.

Trading is unlimited during pre-season. Teams will be able to make a maximum of three trades from the beginning of Week 1 through Wednesday of Week 3. Any trades which occur after a team has played their game will take effect the following Monday.

WDL Summer 2020 Free Agency

AgiSkell (Russia)
Asriel (USA)
Avc / WoodPecker (USA)
Cartel (USA)
Chain (USA)
Chimila (Colombia)
Darkion [Ion] (North Macedonia)
Dastan (Morocco)
Denzoa (Belgium)
Dew (Czech Republic)
DoomJoshuaBoy (Australia)
Dragon (Sweden)
Dranzer (USA)
Dsparil (Syria)
Edd (USA)
Frandaemon [Fran] (USA)
Galactus (Belgium)
Ghostkiller (Brazil)
Godlike (USA)
Halloween [Dosu] (Mexico)
HateDaddy (USA)
Hugo (Chile)
Jwarrier (USA)
KBlair (USA)
legion (USA)
OR10N (Mexico)
PerroNDoN (Mexico)
Reeper_Lumish (USA)
RunningonJava (USA)
Saltmine (USA)
ShadowStalker (Nicaragua)
Shift (USA)
SkullRush (Brazil)
Souler (Mexico)
Starrk (USA)
ThatsJustPrime (Canada)
TheFatWilly [Shane] (UK)
Tobi (Germany)
Unknown (Romania)
VisioNMieDo (Colombia)
X-Ray [Caution] (USA)
Xenaero (USA)
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