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Author Topic: WEEK 5 - MAP06 - SMART02 [JUL 13 - JUL 19] Discussion  (Read 805 times)


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WEEK 5 - MAP06 - SMART02 [JUL 13 - JUL 19] Discussion
« on: July 15, 2020, 03:39:12 PM »
Week 5 - MAP06: Lazarus Revisited (SMART01)
July 13th - July 19th

Steel Ball Runners [SBR]
Zakken, Caution, Frandaemon, Denzoa
9 pts (2-2-0)
[TOF] Tai's Only Fans
Tai, Dastan, Edd, Galactus
10 pts (3-1-0)

The Broomstick Warriors [TBW]
DevastatioN, Asriel, Jwarrier, Godlike
10 pts (3-1-0)
[DMS] Demon SlayerS
Alpha, Hatedaddy, Dranzer, PerroNDoN
5 pts (1-3-0)

Super Chargers [SUC]
Ralphis, KBlair, ThatsJustPrime, Souler
4 pts (1-3-0)
[BQB] Ô Blésq Blom
Infer, Starrk, Cartel, Dsparil
8 pts (2-2-0)

Rip N Tear [RIP]
Stall, Chaindude, TheFatWilly, Saltmine
7 pts (1-2-1)
[SXP] Sexual Panthers
HumanBones, Dragon, Tobi, ShadowStalker
12 pts (3-1-0)

Giant Pea Shooters [GPS]
Alt+Stab, GhostKiller, Xenaero, Legion
1 pts (0-4-0)
[BST] Best Ever
RoSKing, ACC, Skullrush, TMD
14 pts (3-0-1)


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Re: WEEK 5 - MAP06 - SMART02 [JUL 13 - JUL 19] Discussion
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2020, 09:33:03 PM »
Probably the game of the week here. SBR has really turned their season around after Stab got drunk one night and traded Denzoa. SBR has been undefeated since. As for TOF, they're getting dangerous now that Edd is getting his Internet from a guy who lives in a van down by the river. The guy is unhittable, then you factor in Dastan...going to be a ragefest on SBRs VC. Which is why I'm going TOF in two.  TOF 2-0

After a brutal defeat last week, TBW is looking to bounce back. DMS, while losing against SBR, held their own and played fairly well in game two. Maybe that momentum could carry over to this week. DMS is looking to snag a playoff spot, so I'd expect them to come out swinging, and this is a map Dranzer lives for. He's going to be causing a lot of rage with those spawn kills at mid. However, after practicing against TBW this week, I can say 100%, this is not the same team from last week. Last week, TBW was overwhelmed, but this week, complete opposite. They have this map DOWN. So Hate, be prepared to have your hands full here. My advice, play flag D. With that being said, the coordination TBW is rocking here will get them the win. TBW 2-0

SXP is a team we haven't faced nor have we played in practice, so this team is a bit of a mystery. My prediction will be solely based off how I've seen them perform in their games. Even though SXP is 3-1, they've taken a step back over the past two weeks. They started out strong with back-to-back 2-0 wins, but lost in week 3 and barely got by a struggling SUC team. They needed a last second capture to avoid a tie. But, to give credit where credit is due, Dragon held it together. Many in spect chat said he was getting tilted, but silence them with the game winning capture. As for RIP, they're really starting to click as a team which spells trouble. Chain, who's harder to kill than Edd, is going to make SXPs defender headspin like he did to mine in practice. Won't say what he was doing, but the guy is very slippery. Then you factor in Shane, who has been playing lights out these past two weeks, SXP will be on upset alert. Record aside, RIP maybe playing the best ATM. Nearly had the win against #1 BST last week. I'm expecting Bones to play D here. Tobi did well last week at D, but playing defense here requires a ton of experience which Bones has. The Chane duo will keep Bones back and won't allow him to push up. Dragon will be falling back a lot to help, while leaving Tobi 1on1 against Stall, I'm just not seeing him winning that matchup. RIP takes this in two. RIP 2-0

BST playing for the #1 seed, while GPS playing for pride. Even though GPS is out of playoff contentions, they were right back in the servers getting some practice. So hats off to them. While they may not be playing for anything, I'm sure they would like the end the season on a high-note and get a win, and it would be a hell of a win since it could knock BST out of the #1 seed spot and hand BST their 1st & only loss. I think GPS needs a bit of a shakeup of their positions. Maybe Stab D, Xen at mid and Legion O. Xen's frag power is needed at mid and I've seen Stab play defense, he's solid. But he would need to be ready for SKR, the guy is a baller here. Something else for GPS to consider, if they lose game one, maybe Stab sits game two and lets Halloween play? Last game of the season, so why not? He deserves it. The guy is a very good player that gets overlooked a lot. Who knows, maybe he surprises everyone and gets GPS the win. Anything can happen. But more than likely, BST will take this series. BST 2-0