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Author Topic: WEEK 3 - MAP09 CORE27 [NOV 6 - NOV 12] Discussion  (Read 3737 times)


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WEEK 3 - MAP09 CORE27 [NOV 6 - NOV 12] Discussion
« on: November 04, 2017, 04:55:10 PM »
Week 3 - MAP09: Compulsive Simplicity (CORE27)
November 6th - November 12th

Best Ever [BST]
RoSKing, Avc, Dastan, Cartel
8 pts (2-0-0)
[HYP] Hurt You Plenty
DevastatioN, Dragon, Wartorn, Decay
3 pts (1-1-0)

Super Chargers [SUC]
Ralphis, Jwarrier, BlueVenom, SkullRush
8 pts (2-0-0)
[TKV] Techno Vikings
Caution, Zakken, Godlike, Infer
4 pts (1-1-0)

Damn! [DEM]
Rude, turSKA, Starrk, Halloween
5 pts (1-1-0)
[SXP] Sexual Panthers
HumanBones, OurHero, Zoltar, Unknown
0 pts (0-2-0)

The Phantom Troupe [TPT]
Tai, D'Sparil, Dranzer, Razor
0 pts (0-2-0)
[GPS] Giant Pea Shooters
Alt_Stab, Denzoa, Tony, PerroNDoN
4 pts (1-1-0)
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Re: WEEK 3 - MAP09 CORE27 [NOV 6 - NOV 12] Discussion
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2017, 06:38:31 PM »
Bst 2-0 hyp(war torn and decay are new :( )

Suc vs TKV game of the week I think suc will take it because you don't need a mid on this map so just throw jwar d Ralph o and u win

 suc 2-1 TKV

Sxp vs dem too bad rude will just never die due to the power of wifi and Turska is on a totally diff continent European perrondon

 dem 2-0 sxp

TPT vs gps

It depends I am now a good doom runner so if dee sparil can clear mid everytime I step outside the base then we can take it unless tai leaves d

TPT 2-1 gps


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Re: WEEK 3 - MAP09 CORE27 [NOV 6 - NOV 12] Discussion
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2017, 09:45:48 AM »

This is one map that HYP that would have a fairly good chance on - if they were playing any other team. Compulsive Simplicity is one of Dragon's best maps, he's extremely dangerous here and Dev has the firepower to effectively back him up to back him up which could potentially make for a good setup. However, they're facing a *very* tough team and will be fighting a 90-degree uphill battle. RosKing has displayed amazing performances in his first two weeks fragging exceptionally and efficiently, Avc has proven he's not lost his any of his running ability from last season, and Cartel is a very proficient mid on this map. I don't see HYP having any chance of staying alive in mid here and will be quickly overwhelmed as BST continues on its' path toward a first-round playoff bye.

BST 2-0


Quite possibly the game of the week, this should be a very solid matchup. We've got pairs of powerful players on each team, and I'm curious to see how the thirds perform here. SkullRush is very familiar with this map and in addition has already started for SUC the first two weeks which seems to have created a polished chemistry with Ralph and Jwar. Godlike got the nod for TKV's 3rd spot last week and played fairly well against SXP, but this is a situation where the more offensively-inclined Infer could possibly be more useful. I'm predicting a tight game with little gaps, and in the end I think SUC's chemistry will earn them their third straight win.

SUC 2-1


Rude went absolutely ham last week in his game against GPS recording some impressive stats, and has proven he can be an S-tier player. Turska is a very formidable and seasoned runner who can hold his own against most teams, and Starrk is a solid reliable mid player. SXP on the other hand, isn't looking nearly as strong. Bones is starting to feel the effects of the unfortunate pre-season Shogun incident, as his team has been left gasping for air without a high-tier first-pick player on their roster. I'm predicting this to be the second of two blowouts this week, as DEM cruises past SXP to put their w/l in the positive for the first time.

DEM 2-0


This game is huge for TPT's playoffs standings. Despite coming off the draft as one of the most powerful teams on paper, TPT has somehow been unable to rack up a single point in the first two weeks of the season. As a result, it's already extremely unlikely that TPT will be able to secure a first-round bye, but they still have a chance to earn a first-round homefield advantage - if they win this week. Not only is TPT hungry for their first win of the season, but also for very crucial playoff-determining points. As for GPS, I really, really want to see Denzoa and Tony play together for once. If Stab can get both of them together for this weeks game, it will be a great show. If Stab is forced to use Perrondon again, it won't be so pretty. In the end, though, I think TPT's hunger and anger will fuel them enough to finally earn them their first win of the season and finally get some points on the board.

TPT 2-1


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Re: WEEK 3 - MAP09 CORE27 [NOV 6 - NOV 12] Discussion
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2017, 03:36:55 PM »
Not to toot my own horn here, but I was spot-on with all my predictions last week. I predicted Unknown would get the start at D and he did, I predicted Godlike would get the start over Infer and he did, I predicted Razor would get the start and he did, and I was 4-0 on my picks, which puts me at 7-1 on the year.

Anyways, on to the match ups for this week.


HYP is a surprising team.  At first I didn't give them much of a chance since I'm not too familiar with Decay and Wartorn, but they're playing very well. However, I do see Wartorn getting start at O for this match up.  Dev was smart with his draft.  He's a defensive player, drafted a couple of offense guys and drafted a big fragger in Dragon.  So they're a solid balance team.  Map 09 is a map I'm very familiar with, play it all the time.  I know the all the tricks people try to pull in this map.  Since this is a small map with much better vision of the field, it's a map that ideally you want to play aggressive on.  Not like last weeks map where playing aggressive could come back to bite you in the ass.  As soon as you think your base is clear and you push up, the next thing you hear is your flag has been taken.  So I believe the team that plays the most aggressive and frags the most will win, and I feel we have the slight advantage especially the way Ros has been playing this season.  I did a little better in our matchup last week.  So I do feel I'm getting comfortable with Odamex and the pressure of playing WDL.  Improving each week. I'm sure Ros and I will rotate between D/Mid to see where I fit best for this map.  Overall, BST takes the win.


Hard match up to pick.  Does Caution go with Godlike again or does he go with Infer?  Does Ralph stick with Skull or does he give Blue a try?  Right now, I believe Caution will stick with the lineup he had last week that dominated SXP.  Caution at O, Zakken at mid and Godlike at D.  But I have a feeling Blue could get the start at D this week over Skull.  Skull is actually good at this a runner, not sure how he will handle TKV's fragging ability.  I'd expect TKV to come out playing extremely aggressive and Skull could get overwhelmed. But who knows, maybe SUC puts Skull on O and Ralph and Jwar play D/Mid and just go ham.  But I'm going with my gut and say TKV hands SUC their first loss on the season.


I think it's time for Bones to consider making a change in his lineup.  Possible trade coming soon?  He needs help with his offense, so possible trade scenarios, Souler for Decay.  HYP already has a real good runner with Wartorn and Dragon can run if needed, they could use a backup defender, so this trade is possible.  Other trade possibility is Ourhero for Infer. If Caution goes with Godlike again, he may just stick with him here on out, but would still need a pure runner on his roster so Ourhero could fill that void.  Infer has a nice balance of running and fragging, something SXP needs right now, considering Ourhero is more of a runner than he is a fragger. I believe Hero would benefit more on TKV with their frag happy lineup. Something for both Caution and Bones to think about. Could also consider dropping Souler to FA and pick up Swift, who I feel is the best available runner.  I know he plays extremely well on Zandronum, but I'm not too sure about here.  Since he went undrafted, it's possible the WDL caps know something I don't, but SXP needs to do something or they may very well be looking at going 0-3 and their season being done. As of now, DEM takes the win, but if Bones does make a trade and/or drop, I may end up changing my prediction. 


Wow, the stacked team after the draft is 0-2, however, they did face the current best teams, so it's understandable. This is another tough game to pick because I'm not sure who these teams lineups will be.  Does Stab move to O this week and put Tony on D or does he go with his week 1 lineup that beat a really good TKV team?  Personally, I think Stab at O, Den at mid and Tony at D will give them their best chance at winning this tough match up.  As for TPT, OJ ideally should be at D, Tai goes to mid and Razor at O. Right now, I think Stab will go with Den & Tony and I think they'll get the win.