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Author Topic: WEEK 3 - MAP12 THIRTY4-16 [FEB 26 - MAR 4] Discussion  (Read 6023 times)


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WEEK 3 - MAP12 THIRTY4-16 [FEB 26 - MAR 4] Discussion
« on: February 25, 2018, 04:14:58 PM »
Week 3 - MAP12:  N's...Manse of Destruction (THIRTY4-16)
February 26th - March 4th

Quantum Power [QMP]
Dsparil, Dragon, Langrenus, im1hpu0
4 pts (0-0-2)
[PEE] Professional Esports Enthusiasts
razor, turSKA, Dranzer, PerroNDoN
3 pts (1-1-0)

Sexual Panthers [SXP]
HumanBones, Rude, Tony, Unknown
2 pts (0-2-0)
[BST] Best Ever
RoSKing, Infer, Legion, Quiksilver
7 pts (2-0-0)

Giant Pea Shooters [GPS]
Alt+Stab, DevastatioN, Denzoa, ALMN
8 pts (2-0-0)
[TPT] The Phantom Troupe
Tai, Caution, Dastan, Starrk
3 pts (0-1-1)

Super Chargers [SUC]
Ralphis, Jwarrier, Souler, Hugoxds
5 pts (1-0-1)
[BSK] Berserker Packers
Zakken, Halloween, SkullRush, OurHero
0 pts (0-2-0)
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Re: WEEK 3 - MAP12 THIRTY4-16 [FEB 26 - MAR 4] Discussion
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2018, 04:26:33 PM »
qmp vs pee

euro vs 2 america and 1 euro idk not gonna judge my own game

sxp vs bst

hard game because theyre both strong teams on paper depends on who practices more and who tries harder during the game but without prac im leaning to a tie because of how close this is


gps vs tpt

also a close one tpt has good fragging potential but play extremely agressively even if they do practice a lot meanwhile gps has insane frag power but the smarts to outplay their opponents with it. although gps does play passively and this will be their downfall imo

tpt 2-1 gps

suc vs bsk

bsk needs more reliable players that practice way more, suc practices often and is committed so unfortunately they will have a significant advantage on paper.

suc 2-1 bsk


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Re: WEEK 3 - MAP12 THIRTY4-16 [FEB 26 - MAR 4] Discussion
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2018, 09:42:16 PM »
QMP vs PEE:  :doombrow

SXP vs BST: things not looking too good for sxp, they lost both of their games and they are about to face BST who rolled over TPT, unless bones has a way of holding back BST's overwhelming aggression, BST will take this one home
BST 2-1

GPS vs TPT: after a heartbreaking loss against BST, TPT faces yet another strong team for this week, then again GPS is facing a competent team for the first time this season(no offense PEE and BSK), provided that dastan plays as good as he did on week 1, TPT should be able to clutch this, but since dastan isn't very consistent with his gameplay, I'll go for a TAI

SUC vs BSK: I really want to see zakken shine, with lots of practice and coordination he might be able to pull it off, but since I do not see that kind of determination yet, SUC wins with a landslide
SUC 2-0
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Re: WEEK 3 - MAP12 THIRTY4-16 [FEB 26 - MAR 4] Discussion
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2018, 11:45:11 PM »

I can't lie in saying that after week one I didn't buy into the idea that PEE was never going to see any chance of hope and they were easily going to see an 0-5 season. Their last performance showed exactly what everyone has been saying, their line up consists of all playoff tier players and if coordinated are capable and good enough to do damage. I think PEE might have the advantage of having a better third than QMP; However, I think the D'Sparil/Dragon combination is better than the razor/turska or dranzer/turska combo anyway you slice it. QMP has shown a lot of promise and I definitely am looking at them to fight for this win. I think the map will heavily favor the teams that practices the most this week, fueling Quantum's power that will be too overwhelming for the never practice enthusiasts in 3 games.



GPS coming in with the #1 seed vs a TPT placed at #5. This game will be more interesting than those numbers show, as I feel this will be the first match we get to see GPS play a game against an established team. GPS has had strong showings with their communication and defense. Their communication might be the advantage they need over TPT; But I feel GPS also plays a little bit too conservatively at times, which might allow TPT to punish them as that's what they're best at expoliting. This is game of the week for me, and I wanna say if TPT actually tries they can pull it out with their chaotic aggression over GPS in 3 very close games.



I think if Zakken has any chance at bringing it back, it would be now. He just faced the #1 seeded team in the league last week and showed signs of progress. His team is still flourishing and needs to invest more time than the average team to fully understand their roles. I feel that Zakken is doing a good job at his position, but doesn't practice enough with the right lineups to fully establish the team synergy. I've seen BSK work really well as a team, they can without a question contend if they were all on the same page and worked together more. How the team plays this next week is solely dependent on if Zakken builds chemistry with his team and start figuring out a way to get them all to cooperate in helping each other. If Zakken can condition his team to take care of each other's roles when they are rotating forward and assert when to be aggressive so that they are playing more as a team rather than all of BSK just playing their position; Then I believe he can find success. SUC is a really aggressive team with an team oriented style at defense that will shut down any caps coming from BSK trying to run without backup. SUC will be able to use communication to their advantage and capitalize on support for captures and defense more than BSK will as they already have a lot of synergy together having already played the entire last season together. Ralphis already has it figured out, I'd love to see Zakken rise to the occasion; I think he is very capable of winning this game and making his team into playoffs with the rest. But, I'm giving the game to SUC until I see if Zakken really wants it.

SUC 2-1


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Re: WEEK 3 - MAP12 THIRTY4-16 [FEB 26 - MAR 4] Discussion
« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2018, 10:43:18 AM »
qMp vs PeE:

Impressed by the results that these teams showed last week I can only say it will be a TIE  :psycash
QMP 1-1-1 PEE


BST 2-0

TPT - Gps
gps 2-1


Fuck you Dosu :P


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Re: WEEK 3 - MAP12 THIRTY4-16 [FEB 26 - MAR 4] Discussion
« Reply #5 on: February 27, 2018, 01:38:44 PM »
I really want to see PEE win again and bring their ratio into the positive, but doing that will be a big challenge. QMP is coming in off consecutive ties, and desperately want that first W. The Dragon/Sparil duo is going to be extremely effective on this map, but after what we've seen from PEE last week against SXP, it's very possible PEE could pull off yet another upset performance. In the end though, I think Dragon/Sparil will shut things down just enough for im1 to get the winning caps in.

QMP 2-1

SXP is rather solid on paper, but has had a tough start to the season so far with consecutive Ls. Unfortunately for them, they're facing one of the toughest teams they could play on this map. BST is extremely adaptable and seem to have a good grip on any map they play. BST will likely start off slow, in order to see how SXP is going to attack, then adapt quickly hitting SXP hard where it hurts. SXP will probably put up a solid initial fight, but will eventually become overwhelmed by BST in two rounds.

BST 2-0

GPS has had a great start to their season, which was sparked by their pre-season acquisition of Denzoa. GPS is all about team chemistry, and they have it. But their first two battles were against weaker teams, this week they're finally in for a real challenge in TPT. Meanwhile TPT, despite having extremely strong players, have yet to secure a win. They play well though, Jake and Tai can do some amazing things, and this week they're probably hungry for that first W. TPT's trade acquisition of Starrk in exchange for SkullRush is an interesting spin, I'm curious to see what Tai does with him. This is a hard game to predict especially with Tai's roster change. Teams should be pretty even in strength, ties are likely here which is what it will ultimately be.

TPT 1-1-1 GPS

SUC has one of the strongest duos in the league, and I'm curious how they've been adapting with Souler. They started off the season with a narrow win against SXP, and a tie after QMP performed somewhat of a comeback. That being said, I'm sure Ralph is coordinating a lot of practice when he can, as while they're 3rd seed right now that could easily change this week. Luckily for them, they're facing the most troubled team in the league. BSK has had a rough season coming into week 3, all beginning with the questionable pre-season decision to trade Denzoa away for Starrk. They've endured two 0-2 L's so far, and don't show any signs of improving that record. With the trade of Starrk for SkullRush, BSK is going to have to really practice and generate some team energy. Zakken is a very solid D, and SkullRush can be a really good runner when he wants to be. Dosu has been improving a lot lately, so if Skr and Dosu can generate a solid O/mid chemistry while Zakken holds down D, they could make something work. In the end though, I think the wall that is Ralph and Jwar will prove impossible for BSK to get past, meanwhile Zakken will eventually leak a few flags to give SUC the W.

SUC 2-0
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Re: WEEK 3 - MAP12 THIRTY4-16 [FEB 26 - MAR 4] Discussion
« Reply #7 on: March 01, 2018, 06:06:58 PM »
QMP vs PEE: QMP 2-0

SXP vs BST: BST 2-1

SUC vs BSK: SUC 2-0


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Re: WEEK 3 - MAP12 THIRTY4-16 [FEB 26 - MAR 4] Discussion
« Reply #8 on: March 04, 2018, 02:00:34 PM »
SXP vs BST: BST 2-0-1

GPS vs TPT: GPS 2-1